The Hotel casino Chaves is a structure that is not reducible to the gambling área but to other facilities that complement each other, forming a whole, where the living and fun fuse. Open spaces to the city so that the city can take advantage of them.

It is situated in one of the entrances of the city of Chaves, as if it were a front door. The land is worth by its location, shape and position on the city. Implemented at the highest point of the land, it develops at various levels, some buried and opening in different directions, assuming themselves as walls, defining spaces and containment of land.

The set is molded to the terrain merging with the landscape, appearing and disappearing. The different dimensions of the plot define different arch centerings.

The Hotel and the Casino had to be designed and implemented to become a valence between urban use and the distancing from the place, a reference for those who enter in the city, and for those who are looking from it. It was important to maintain a dialogue with the city.

The basic idea in this project is the basic physical boundaries created by geometric lines, turned into walls that define spaces with different valences and ways of being, but that can be experienced sequentially.

The stone, the zinc and the concrete are the material support used as the integration solution in the environment and the chromatic value of the landscape.